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Project results

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Previous initiatives
Benchmarking analysis of previous initiatives results.
Evaluating nZEB​
Set of highly applicable nZEB evaluation criteria and nZEB indicators.
Reinforcing the links
Initiatives for reinforcing the links between skills/education and energy performance of construction.
nZEB e-library
nZEB Ready platform Module 1: nZEB e-library.
Market needs
Identification report of national key target groups’ needs (1 joint ENG, 6 national).
Awareness campaign – high schools / universities.
nZEB materials
nZEB info points in DIY stores.
A-Z Demonstration site tours.
General content
nZEB Ready platform Module 2: “How to go nZEB?”.
Learning modules for nZEB.
Report for the implementation of training programs and Hands-on workshops.
nZEB Ready platform Module 3: Discovering, preparing and promoting nZEB Ready professionals.
Guidance for Public Procurement of nZEB works.
Guidelines for “nZEBready to fund” financial instruments.
Support tools
nZEB Ready platform Module 4: nZEB implementation support tools for public authorities.
Replication Roadmap
A guide for enhancing market readiness towards nZEB implementation.
nZEB Ready platform Module 5: nZEB ready replication roadmap paths.